MEP Services

We offer services that cover all aspects of Mechanical & Electrical installation, testing & commissioning including PPM, refurbishment, fit out and new-build through both traditional and design & build avenues across the UK. Utilising our in-house design and estimating team we are capable of producing designs and estimates to our clients’ timescales, specifications and budgets.

ACES break each project down into 4 defined stages:

  • Estimating
  • Pre-Construction
  • Project Delivery
  • Soft Landing / Aftercare

Once the project has been estimated and secured it gets handed over to our pre-construction and project delivery team who will live and breathe the project from conception to completion and beyond to provide unrivalled support to our client.

ACES approach to Pre-Construction Activities is one of “Involvement By All” and encompass the principles of the “Soft Landings” initiative. We set out our pre-construction activities clearly and precisely, utilising our pre-construction & project delivery team we methodically produce all requisite information in a timely manner to suit the pre-construction programming constraints.

We actively involve, at all stages, both our client and the end user so that the employer’s requirements are complied with and fully met by organising a series of workshops to review progress of the pre-construction activities, including design, programme, procurement, Health and Safety and the arranging of the requisite factory testing etc.

When it comes to project delivery ACES provide a dedicated team of engineering, commercial and management staff to ensure not only the successful installation of the mechanical and electrical works packages but ultimately the collective, successful and timely delivery of the project as a whole.

Anybody who has ever been involved in delivering a project knows that “Planning is key”. As such ACES provide relevant time scales to each activity which are accurate, workable and achievable. We integrate these activities into the main contractors programme for full transparency so that all works can be carried out in an efficient and effective manner.

When it comes to handover we know that it’s all about paperwork and that the job's not done until the paperwork's done. That’s why we start producing our handover documentation the day we start placing orders and provide full visibility of this right through the project. We also take familiarisation training and aftercare very seriously as we know that taking ownership of a new building with modern services technology can be daunting, that’s why we provide comprehensive client training and familiarisation to a level that’s desired by the end users. Even after handover, you’re not alone as we are only a phone call away.

Soft Landings

The term 'soft landings' refers to a strategy adopted to ensure the transition from construction to occupation is 'bump-free' and that operational performance is optimised.

The Soft Landings Framework is a joint initiative between BSRIA (Building Services Research and Information Association) and UBT (Usable Buildings Trust). It is an open-source framework available on the BSRIA website that is intended to '…smooth the transition into use and to address problems that post-occupancy evaluations (POEs) show to be widespread'. It was first published in 2009 and was updated in 2014 to align with the RIBA 2013 work stages. It is now developed by the BSRIA Soft Landings Group.