UKAEA Culham


78 weeks


A new research and development facility for the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA), this 4-storey office and laboratory complex provides a mix of high occupancy open plan office space, laboratories and research halls for the continued exploration of fusion energy in the UK.

Electrically, the project had all aspects of electrical installation, HV switchgear, new HV distribution network cabling and multiple 5MVA HV transformers, supplied Primary LV distribution switchgear via 6000 amp cast resin busbars.

Internal LV submain cabling to distribution boards for lighting and power on every level, UPS systems providing support for essential services, an under-floor power track and data cabling infrastructure ensured easy connectivity for work stations, offices and meeting rooms.

A 58 KW photovoltaic array on the roof of the building producing green energy to enhance the buildings carbon foot print.

Ancillary systems of Fire alarm, Access Control, CCTV and Security were also installed throughout the building.

Mechanically the project was equally encompassing. New incoming gas and water services supply an energy centre building containing modular boilers, cold water storage and boosted cold water services.

A separate chiller compound and pumphouse, houses 3No large chillers suppling a chilled water service for computer room temperature control via down flow units, whilst over 100 fan coil units spread throughout the building provides the heating and cooling.

Extensive ventilation provided by 7No roof mounted air handling units, with a high integrity stainless steel ductwork system with internal individual room pressure regime control within the research hall, DOPs testing facilities and Hepa filters ensure all extracted air is safe for the environment.

Ancillary systems of domestic Hot and cold water services, drainage and soil and vent.

The building also has an extensive Building management system monitoring all aspects of building performance.